Our Progress Report

This summary report shares our high-level progress on our goals. It also serves as our annual Communication on Progress (CoP) to the UN Global Compact, to which we remain fully committed.

Over this past year, we have:

  • Paved the way for the next phase of our CHAMPION project development by completion of the clinical trial for our heat-stable formulation of carbetocin, for the prevention of Post Partum Haemorrhage (PPH), and publication of the results
  • Initiated a new approach to roll out responsible supply chain strategy and engage more deeply with suppliers
  • Made steady progress on our key EHS measures on water, energy, waste as well as our health & safety record
  • Continued to support and celebrate locally-driven initiatives by colleagues in nearly 60 countries where we operate – everything from meat-free days to the introduction of hybrid cars – enabling people to follow their passions 
  • Developed a draft set of KPIs to measure our progress which we now plan to pilot internally

We have learned that meaningful progress demands time and  attention. After a year of organisational change, we adapted to doing the right thing wherever possible. This means that on some issues we still have more to do – such as development of a CSR training module and better communication to inform and engage our stakeholders. We undertake to carry those commitments into the next year.