People and Values

Jean Duvall
Executive Vice President 
Chief People and Values Officer

“People and Values embraces a broad range of functions – Compliance, Ethics, Human Resources, Performance Management and Corporate Development. We want people to be able to see the connection between our values, the Ferring Philosophy, and their jobs.

The values part is about keeping the Philosophy alive every day: People Come First at Ferring means that we’re looking out for our patients, payers, physicians and employees. We have to maintain those fundamental values even more as we develop a performance-driven culture. Ultimately we want people to be passionate about their work.

We need to support our employees so that they can feel a true sense of purpose. We have strong foundations in the Philosophy – we must build on those.”



Our Leadership Principles that
guide our central Mission

With a shared sense of purpose, empowered to be more entrepreneurial, encouraged to act with accountability, transparency and a collaborative spirit, we aspire to deliver with excellence.




A greater focus on patient-centricity

Ed Trott, Chief Patient Officer

A greater focus on patient-centricity

“Many of Ferring’s products are designed for chronic conditions – this means we are with our patients for the long-term.

Our focus on patients is driven primarily by the recognition that we must get better at incorporating patient input and perspective into early research, protocol and product design – really understanding their personal experiences, listening better. At the commercialisation stage, it is imperative that we assess Real World Evidence and Patient Reported Outcomes in order to identify and address unmet patient needs.

Patients need continuity, a better experience, and empowerment. Engagement with patient advocacy organisations and conducting patient advisory boards will be one way we do this. But first we need to help people understand what patient-centricity is. It’s a new, exciting and collaborative space that will enable us to work with peers and competitors. Ultimately, by bringing the patient closer to us it could enable colleagues at every level to see for themselves, the contributions they make that directly impact patients’ quality of life.”