Ferring is only as healthy as the communities in which we operate. We have an ongoing commitment to supporting the local communities around us, and many colleagues around the world play their part in doing this. Not only does this strengthen our relationship with those communities, but it also gives colleagues the chance to make a personal or team contribution on Ferring’s behalf, and feel proud in doing so. 

We try to encourage causes that are either close to employees’ hearts, or in areas where we have a particular expertise or skill – health, science education, or operations. Some of these projects are initiated or managed by our global network of CSR Ambassadors.


‘CSR is an important driver to
engagement... it’s about our
contribution back to society, our
reputation in the community.’

Alex Chang,
Senior Vice President,
Ferring Asia Pacific








Our Progress

This year we had over fifty formal submissions of CSR projects around the world. We can only showcase a few here, but please see the global inventory here. Owing to the decentralised nature of our operations, we do not yet have a global volunteering policy; however, we have encouraged individual markets to develop their own approaches. In addition to the US and Belgium, our Asia Pacific Region and Hungary now formally encourage volunteering in their respective communities.


Selection of our initiatives

In 2018, a devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Indonesia. The earthquake destroyed infrastructure and homes, killed 2500 people and left over 16,000 survivors homeless. Ferring Indonesia made a donation to the Indonesian Red Cross which was used for purchasing medicine for the survivors.


Asrama Desa Pukak is a hostel for primary school children in Pukak, Kiulu, Malaysia, enabling children from remote rural villages to attend school and complete their primary education. The South East Asia Leadership Team spent the afternoon with these children as part of their Leadership Summit. They also donated stationery, activity books and a first aid box. This activity not only provided a fun occasion and sense of hope for the children, but it was also a meaningful engagement for the senior leadership team.


This project donates unused medication for free distribution to those in need. The mission of BTG’s charity partner, “Haverim Le’Refuah” (Friends for Health) is to deliver medical treatment to those who cannot afford to buy medicine. BTG employees serve as ambassadors for the programme, collecting unused drugs from neighbours, family and friends. These are then distributed by Friends for Health under the supervision of pharmacists and doctors’ prescriptions. Drugs that have reached expiry dates are safely disposed of.


Through its 'Living the Philosophy program' Ferring US makes 12,000 paid hours (or two days each per person) available each year for its nearly 900 employees to volunteer in their communities. Their activities range from building houses for those in need, to mentoring veterans, community soup kitchens and maintaining local parks.


Every year about 1 million babies die on their day of birth, and 2.6 million lose their lives within a month. This project is about supporting premature babies in countries where premature births are high - such as Mali and Tajikistan. Ferring Korea employees undertook to knit hats for Save the Children’s Hat Knitting Campaign, timed for World Prematurity Day in November. Wool hats are known to retain the baby’s body heat and act as an incubator during the early vulnerable stages of its premature life. 60 Ferring Korea colleagues knitted about 80 hats.


Our office enjoys the perfect environment for hosting bees. Bees pollinate nearly 90% of the plants and food that we cultivate, but they face a challenging future, and a risk of extinction. Motivated by this cause, employees at our headquarters have established their own inhouse Beekeeper Association, involving colleagues from different departments and levels of seniority. We take care of our bees and harvest the honey too, proceeds from which go to a chosen charity.