We take our inspiration from the Ferring Philosophy, which states that ‘People come First at Ferring’. With these firm foundations, we aim to ‘support, develop and meet people’s needs and rights.’ This means everyone we work with, or whose lives we touch – our patients, colleagues, physicians, those in our community and our suppliers. 


‘It’s our job to ensure that there is
humanity in healthcare. A value which
today some have forgotten. The Ferring
Philosophy is our  differentiator. It’s a
unique mindset that drives the company
– from the therapeutic products we
develop to the employees we hire. We
strive to help improve people’s lives and
you can see this in everything we do.’

Paul Navarre,
CEO, Ferring US

Image above: © Joni Kabana,
Kabana Photography

Our Progress

Internally, we have a wide range of policies and processes whose purpose is to support and enable all our employees, wherever they are in the world. These continue to evolve and adapt as we learn and grow.

  • Employee wellbeing at work; building on our better workplace initiatives, Ferring Denmark is providing employees with opportunities to improve their health and to ensure physical well-being at work – installing treadmills with tables to facilitate light walking while working, and various devices for standing and changing positions at the desk. Employees were also offered access to a nutritionist to advise on healthier eating.
  • Given our global reach, diversity in the workplace is something that we both value and celebrate. We are constantly looking for ways to improve this and are working on a means to measure our progress in this area.
  • We recognise the importance and value of improving our record in progressing women to senior management positions. We have benchmarked ourselves and will start formally reporting next year on our progress.
  • To enable a more personal dialogue between our new President and Chief Science Officer, Per Falk and employees, a new discussion platform initiated by him on MyWorkplace (OneFerring) invites feedback and ideas on any topic.
  • On Access to healthcare issues, sustained advocacy work by our US office has helped to see the Preventing Maternal Deaths Act signed into law in 2018. The US team has also successfully advocated to support insurance coverage for IVF and Fertility Preservation legislation, now passed in Mississippi.


Selection of our initiatives

Issues around fertility, premature birth and safe birth can have a profound impact on entire families, but our research revealed that they were often discussed as ones for women only, leaving men and broader families missing from the global conversation. As a family-owned private company that makes families possible, Ferring was uniquely placed to change this. Project Family was our approach to putting families – of every shape and size – front and centre. Ferring’s Project Family is a worldwide conversation led by our Corporate Communications team and supported by our global in-house medical experts, about the need to help build families and support them on their journey from conception to a safe birth. In connecting and amplifying all our efforts (including CHAMPION, March of Dimes and others) we have significantly helped to increase conversations about fertility, premature and safe birth.


 We believe it is important to support good scientific research in areas where we feel able to contribute. Ferring’s Innovation Grants Programme is an annual initiative of the Ferring Research Institute (FRI) based in San Diego. This year, the programme focused on reproductive medicine and women’s health, gastroenterology and hepatology, urology and biomarker discovery. The 8 projects and individuals selected represent the cutting edge of research and innovation in their respective fields.


In May 2018, Ferring Hungary celebrated World IBD Day in cooperation with Patient Associations and competitor companies at the Budapest zoo. More than 400 patients participated in the event. Ferring Hungary had a stand with staff volunteers providing advice for visitors suffering from IBD, and activities for kids, including face-painting. Over a third of our office were engaged with this event.


‘Our job is to ensure that patients,
employees, payers, physicians and all
those we work with, or impact in
some way, know that we’re looking
out for them, and have their best
interests at heart.’

Jean Duvall
Executive Vice President,
Chief People and Values Officer