The Road Ahead

Drawing inspiration from beyond the office



We operate in a complex and fast-changing world. Traditional approaches to ‘business as usual’ may survive, but are unlikely to thrive. We also operate in a world with finite resources and support a society with multiple challenges and inequities. This demands a business driven by core values and motivated by its value to society. 

As always, we have the firm foundations of the Ferring Philosophy at the heart of who we are and why we take CSR seriously. As to the ‘what’ and the ‘how,’ this is a job for a team of committed colleagues around the world, with full support of senior management. 

Looking ahead to the coming year, our watchwords are: sustain, strengthen and simplify. We already have some great examples of work we do around the world, and it’s important we learn from and build on those. At the same time, we must ensure we remain focused on what can achieve, whilst being mindful of what there is still to do.

In the year ahead, Ferring will commit to the following:

Sustain and support existing CSR programmes

  • Continue to build a dedicated team behind our signature programme, CHAMPION, so that it continues to inspire and deliver real change where it’s needed. Forging new partnerships and collaboration with others will be key.
  • Deliver the next stage of our responsible supply chain strategy by building internal alliances and awareness and establishing a process for conducting risk assessments of our Tier One supply chain.
  • Support a renewed focus on Patient Centricity to enable us to find even better ways to support our patients

Pilot new initiatives

We must be responsive to a changing world and to what colleagues and external stakeholders tell us. With this in mind, we plan to:

  • Develop and pilot a green transport policy at our Headquarters in Switzerland, building on initiatives already started by Ferring colleagues
  • Develop plans and targets to work towards zero single plastic office waste

Strengthen Governance

We will broaden and deepen our responsibility for, and accountability to, our goals by:

  • Appointing a new Executive Committee CSR Sponsor to champion and support our ongoing efforts
  • Building our core CSR team to help us drive our commitments
  • Supporting a refreshed CSR Taskforce and CSR Ambassador network

Engage and Learn

This will remain a key component of our strategy in the coming year, under the stewardship of our People and Values strategy. We will:

  • Initiate a CSR module training component as part of People & Values onboarding
  • Encourage uptake of our volunteering policy and develop a volunteering strategy aligned both to global business priorities such as Maternal Health, as well as local community priorities in our key markets 
  • Consider new ways of embedding CSR into the business, such as our Employee Engagement survey, enabling us to ‘take our pulse’ on how we’re doing 

Communicate and Measure

We will communicate our progress in line with our commitments to the Global Compact. As part of this commitment we plan to:

  • Pilot a developed set of high-level KPIs internally within the business
  • Develop new ways of communicating our story throughout the year

I am delighted that our new President of the Executive Committee, Per Falk, is as enthusiastic about our plans as we are, and we hope you are too. We remain committed to our journey with the UN Global Compact and put our trust in our Ferring colleagues to help us take these next steps.


Jade L Shields, Sr

Vice President, Values and Learning
(Global Data Protection Officer)


‘As William Clay Ford Jr said, “Creating
a strong business and building a
better world are not conflicting goals –
they are both essential ingredients
for long-term success.”’

Jade L Shields, Sr
Vice President, Values and Learning
(Global Data Protection Officer)